the cold continues unrelentingly. Out walking yesterday, the land was eerily silent.

The fieldfares and redwings have gone. The resident birds are keeping a very low profile.

I heard the first skylark singing on March 17, no longer, certainly not today brief splashes of of sunshine only emphasised the low cloud gloom.


walking up to Muckleditch Lane, there’s a cold wind and a bright sky.

I am on my way to the first oak tree on the bank to tie my prayer bundles from the ceremony we did in Palenque on Dec. 21st 2012. Each person madeĀ 7 bundles with their prayers for the new world relating the rainbow colours to the chakras. We could choose to keep our own bundles or put them all together and pick out 7 randomly. This seemed like a trusting thing to do so I chose the latter option. Since I got back, just before new year, I have been sick with a heavy cold so didn’t get out straight away.

As I stepped onto the track leading up to the field, I scared up five redwings. I stopped immediately and moved very cautiously .Sure enough the field was full of redwings, fieldfares and starlings all mixed up in a wonderful subtle colour palette. The earth was a smeary yellow colour. All the rain we have had in the last month has washed a yellow silt out of the soil and it had spread across this bottom field. Tiny green shoots punctuated the surface. Redwings hopped with determination, rather as blackbirds do. Their backs a lovely rusty red and their breast feathers gleaming white in the low sun. Fieldfares stood tall and statuesque in their fine grey. Dotted amongst our northern visitors were starlings, small black and busy. They seemed more nervous; individuals taking off frequently and wheeling around before landing again.